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LVCBS (Las Vegas Commercial and Business Sales) was formed in Sept 2004 when there was a management buyout of Wardley Business Specialists from Coldwell Banker-Wardley. Wardley Business Specialists was involved in Business Brokerage since 2001. Today LVCBS is one of the largest Business Brokerage companies in Nevada. LVCBS is located by the McCarran Rent-A-Car center just 3 miles south of McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Using LVCBS's services when selling or acquiring a business or commercial property and/or entering into a lease agreement ensures that you will be utilizing a competent , professional and ethical company to represent you. LVCBS's team of Business Brokers all are Nevada State licensed (Real Estate Licenses and Business Brokerage Permits) and have exceptional educational backgrounds and work experience. Many were successful business owners or profiled corporate managers

At LVCBS, we place the highest priority in respecting client confidentiality. We earn the trust of our clients and develop long term relationships with them. We treat all clients with the same professionalism, respect and dignity regardless of the size or type of transaction.

LVCBS transactions cover a broad spectrum of small to large businesses and properties in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. Some of the types of businesses LVCBS have sold or procured for clients :

  • landscape-stock-2.jpgResidential and Commercial Construction
  • Churches, Executive Suites
  • Child Care, Wedding Chapels and Funeral Services
  • Automobile Rental, Auto Repair, Auto Body, Towing
  • Internet Web Hosting, ISP, Manufacturing, Printing
  • Restaurants, Bakeries, Taverns, Bars, Gaming
  • Pizzerias, Sandwiches
  • Dry Cleaning Services, Laundromats
  • Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial Services for Offices
  • Spas, Tanning Salons
  • Home Furnishing Stores, Appliance Stores
  • Land Purchases
  • Entire Small Cities

For a list of businesses currently available through LVCBS please browse through our list of AVAILABLE BUSINESSES and contact us for further details (LVCBS requires a Confidentiality Agreement be signed prior to release of any additional details about a business)